Villa Clara
Villa Clara Province is the second largest producer of sugar in Cuba, with other crops, particularly tobacco, playing an important part in the local economy. In the south, the mountain resort of Hanabanilla in the Escambray Mountains is being primed for tourism. It is this area's natural beauty which holds most appeal to the visitor.
Historically, Villa Clara has been regarded as one of the most strategically important areas of Cuba. Although the area has yet to be recognised as one premier tourist destinations of Cuba, there are some good beaches in the north and the capital of the province, Santa Clara, home to one of the country's four universities, is interesting enough to warrant a visit. A buzzing provincial town, with a pleasant Parque Central, Santa Clara is most famous for its connection with Che Guevara, whose attack on a Batista troop train in the city in December 1958 helped persuade the dictator that his days were numbered.
Villa Clara
Villa Clara
This provincial capital is well worth visiting, beyond the suburbs you'll find a buzzing place with streets lively with people going about their daily lives, and the city benefits from having a large student population. The centre seems well looked after and relatively litter-free. A startling sight to anyone arriving from Havana.
Che Guevara
Che Guevara´s Monument
There are some interesting museums worth taking in and the small brick red-tiled houses lend themselves to an atmosphere of calm and discretion. For most people the area Parque Vidal is the most eventful place in the city, as well as being the geographical heart of the city, it is also its social centre and there is usually some sort of entertainment going on at weekends. A monument marks the spot where revolutionary hero Leoncio Vidal was killed, and benches line the promenades that cross and circle the park.


Cayo Las Brujas

Cayo Las Brujas
A 48-km-long causeway on the sea connects the largest island of the Cuban archipelago with Santa María, Las Brujas, Ensenachos, Cobos, Majá, Fragoso, Francés, Las Picúas and Español de Adentro, among other keys.
Endemic tropical nature close to the Bahamas Channel, Cayo Las Brujas owns wonderful coral reefs, perfect place for scuba diving and wind surfing. Kilometers of coral reefs with a large submarine fauna, it's the world second widest after the Australian reefs.
There are unique conditions for the keys to be a safe haven for local flora and fauna, including such exclusive species as the rat hutia, in addition to other endemic species such as lizards, mollusks and the so-called shrike bird.

Animal diversity is complemented by the region's exuberant flora, made up of 248 species, including 91 medicinal, 72 timber, 41 resin-producing and 40 ornamental species, along beautiful underwater seascapes.
A system of channels becomes a true aquatic labyrinth between the keys, while offering a huge potential for bird-watching programs and nautical activities.
Another singularity of the region is the San Pascual boat, which ran aground near Cayo Francés almost 70 years ago, and has become a naval rarity, since it was made of reinforced concrete in San Francisco, California, in 1920.

Also known by the local people as El Pontón, many consider the ship another islet. It offers vacationers the amenities of its 10 cabins and an enviable location to enjoy the region's many attractions. The only access to this unique hotel with is 5 miles of shore Cayo Las Brujas is by boat.

Hotel Meliá Las Dunas   Hotel Meliá Las Dunas, 5 stars
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Hotel Meliá Cayo Santa María   Hotel Meliá Cayo Santa María, 5 stars
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Hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria   Hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria, 4 stars
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