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Of the 14 provinces is the politico-administrative division of the Republic of Cuba, be probably Matanzas the one that has the highest number, and the biggest diversity of tourist attractiveness, among which the spa of Varadero is the good known one and defendant in the international market.
Matanzas City
Recreated by painters and sung by poets and musicians, Matanzas is also distinguished for the proliferation of bridges that enrich its urban lattice, to the city of Matanzas (been founded in 1693) it is known indistinctly as the “Athens”, or the “Venice of Cuba”. There, next to a beautiful bay, was also born a popular rhythm of soft cadence and diverse sound bells, fact to dance in living rooms and for couple: the Danzón, and a sui-géneris Pharmaceutical Museum exists that next to the museum Oscar María de Rojas, opens from beginnings of the XX century, and the theater Sauto, stands out among the cultural proposals that has this province for tourism.
Matanzas City
The Bellamar Caves, of about two kilometers of extension; the ruins of the sugar cane factory Triumvirate; and the fascinating River Canímar, of navigable, calmed waters, and in whose margins dominate an exuberant vegetation, they supplement the charms of the capital of Matanzas, very near the one which -and in route to the City of Havana - the splendid Yumurí Valley forces to make a stop in the road to contemplate it from the privileged Bacunayagua Observatory.
In this own area, amid the still of the valley, Matanzas offers its visitors the possibility to receive specialized anti- depressive treatments, of beauty, and for the obesity, as well as other programs that have as purpose to contribute to improve the quality of life and to make it under exceptional conditions. The town of San Miguel de los Baños gathers natural conditions to attract travelers interested in enjoying the kindness of its miner-medicinal waters. Decades behind it existed a spa there, in a well-known construction as Great Hotel, that specialists consider it a replica to small scale of the Great Casino of Montecarlo.
Bacunayagua´s Bridge
Bacunayagua´s Bridge
In the south portion of the territory of Matanzas, the Montemar Great Natural Park, located in the Reservation of the Biosphere Zapata Swamp, is particularly attractive for those who look for to enjoy the multiple specialties of the nature tourism; although also exist spaces of a lot of interest for those that prefer to practice the diving to open sea, or the expeditionary diving in flooded caves.
Matanzas Bay
A preservation strategy and care of the environment has been developed during almost four decades, next to the scarce presence of population establishments, they have allowed to maintain almost virgin this ecosystem, considered the biggest reservation in marshes of the Caribbean and where places like the Salinas de Brito stand out (ecosystem of coastal swamps), the Boca (biggest hatchery of crocodiles of Latin America) and the international fauna refuges The Salina and Santo Tomas, this last one classified as the small area of the biggest endemic characteristics of the planet.
Bay of Matanzas
The Laguna del Tesoro, of eight square kilometers of surface and five of depth, is maybe the good known place of the park. Appropriate for the fishing, the walks in boat, and to know the tourist center Guamá, there, have their dwelling two species of aquatic vertebrates in extinction and danger: the "manatí” and the "manjuarí". It also enhances the values of the area a natural pool; a garden where it is possible to observe the transition between the forest semideciduo and the marsh grass land; and the Museum of Playa Girón that picks up aspects from the confrontation to the armed invasion against Cuba perpetrated by mercenary troops in April of 1961 and defeated in less than 72 hours.
Matanzas, that possesses an enormous potential for the tourist development, has its main economic support, at the present time, in the sugar agro-industry, when having factories of raw sugar and refined one, of excellent alcohols and others, derived of the sugar cane. It prepares besides a big cargo ships base that guarantees it a magnificent infrastructure for the reception, distribution and storage of hydrocarbons and it almost manufactures the entirety of the cloth to cover tobacco, the rayon thread, and the ropes with the help of natural fiber of henequen that take place in the country.
Sea view
Matanzas Sea view

Hotel Melia Las Americas   Hotel Melia Las Americas, 5 stars
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Hotel Melia Varadero   Hotel Melia Varadero, 5 stars
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Hotel Sol Palmeras   Hotel Sol Palmeras, 4 stars
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Club Amigo Tropical   Club Amigo Tropical, 3 stars
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Villa Tortuga   Villa Tortuga, 3 stars
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