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The 9 Cannon Shot Ceremony

Starting Price: US $24

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  • Transportation throughout excursion.
  • English/Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Entrance fee to The 9 Cannon Shot Ceremony.

7:00 pm: Meet in hotel and depart to San Carlos de La Cabana fortress, where you will find one of the finest views of the city.

Havana was a British colony once before, being traded for La Florida and thanks to that, in spite of the short British period, today Havana is the capital of Cuba and the "Canonazo" ceremony is held every night.

The original idea was to tell the people that the gates of the city wall will be closed and a chain will be stretched at the entrance of the bay to avoid the attack of pirates and buccaneers. This tour gives you the historical colonial context in which such picturesque ceremony appears, a unique opportunity to witness the remembrance of this martial event

You will receive an explanation of the origins of El Morro castle and light house and La Cabana fortress. You will also know interesting details about the British takeover of Havana. At 9.00 pm, you will witness the Canonazo ceremony, held by young Cuban army recruits in their 18th century British outfit, in which cannons are fired to announce the closing of the long ago demolished city wall gates.

9:30 pm: Return to hotel.

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