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In this section you will find additional useful information on Cuba. This page will be a perfect ally for future travelers to Cuba as well as for Cuba lovers.


Locate Cuba

This page includes a map of Cuba, which we believe will help you locate this country on a map of the world.On this map you will find details regarding Cuba's current political and administrative division as well as its main tourist developments.


Cuban Cuisine

Get to know the Cuban cuisine and the most frequented restaurants in Havana and Varadero! In the near future, restaurants in the rest of the country will be added to this list. In case a listed restaurant is located in a hotel, you can access the corresponding link to find out more about that installation as a whole.

Night Clubs

Drink and dance

Cubans are big on going out in the evening to enjoy a break from the day´s heat and dance to the catchy rhythms of their music. For those interested in enjoying these "refreshing" nights, we have included here a list of night clubs in Havana and Varadero. We especially recommend Tropicana, a night of heavy drums at La Tropical, or an afternoon of boleros. Regardless of your musical taste, we are certain you will be pleased with any of our suggestions.

Cuban music

Cuban ryhtms

Cubans are inborn music lovers. No Cuban can stand still,or even sit still when there is music playing. Cuban music is recognized worldwide among for its rhythms and fantastic sounds. The success of Buena Vista Social Club has taken the Cuban music to hundreds of countries worldwide and has boosted the demand for it on the world market.

Currency Converter and Weather tools

Currency Conversion: Information regarding currency exchange rates. We publish our prices in US dollars, so this resource will make currency conversion easy for you. For now you should know that 1 CUC is equivalent to 0,80 USD.
Weather Center: We would also provide you with the daily weather forecast for Cuba, as well as the predicted weather conditions for coming days.

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