Convertible pesos bills

In 1994 the circulation of the new Cuban convertible peso is introduced in the country. It is equivalent to one American dollar, in order to facilitate transactions in foreign exchange with a monetary sign of our own.

They were issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba with the face values of 1, 3, 5, 10 50 an d 100 convertible pesos to be accepted by the commercial network of assets and services operating in foreign exchange.

1 CUC Bill   3 CUC Bill
5 CUC Bill   10 CUC Bill
20 CUC Bill   50 CUC Bill
100 CUC Bill


General Aspects:


  • As the main vignette a partial view of monuments of heroes of our independence and liberation wars.

  • Different colours for each denomination.

  • Denominations in letters, arabic numbers and Braille system.

  • The series composed by two letters and two digits, and the number integrated by six digits.

  • The signature of the president of the Banco Nacional de Cuba.

  • Year of printing: 1994.

  • Text stating its monetary and exchange guarantee for freely convertible currency.


  • Common design to all denominations.The vignette corresponding to the national shield of the Republic of Cuba.

  • Denomination in numbers.

  • Text stating its unlimited legal tender.

Size: 150 x 70 mm.

To know the specific characteristics as well as the enlarged image of each denomination makes click above the image.

Security items for all denominations:

  1. Water mark (Visible against the light José Martí's effigy).
  2. Security thread microprinted with the text “PATRIA O MUERTE VENCEREMOS ”.
  3. Motive with perfect coincidence front/back (5 points star).
  4. Latent Image. The legend BNC can be read at a certain visual angle.
  5. Calcographic Microprinted (en relieve).
  6. Lithographic Microprinted luminiscent under ultraviolet light.
100 CUC Bill
100 CUC Bill Reverse


Convertible pesos coins


The first coinage of the convertible currencies was carried out in the year 1994 with facial values of 5, 10, 25 and 50 convertible cents and 1 convertible peso, being carried out its emission at the beginning of the following year.

5 Cents 5 Cents reverse   10 Cents 10 Cents Reverse
25 Cents 25 Cents Reverse   50 Cents 50 Cents Reverse
1 CUC Reverse

In the obverse they have engraving in relief their facial value expressed in numbers and the name of the vignette corresponding to the historical-cultural reasons that they show, while in the reverse the national shield appears as main element.

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