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Unión Francesa 

Unión Francesa
Calle 17 #671, entre 4 y 6., Vedado
Tel: 537 832 4493
Type: Cuban
Open: Open noon-midnight
Situated in a lovely corner mansion by the John Lennon park, one of Vedado’s quieter area. Quite popular. You definitely want to go up to the top floor spacious roof terrace surrounded by plants with the beautiful view of the greeny calm Vedado. Waiters are eager to please and the smoked chicken served with lemon sauce speciality is worth trying.

Vuelta Abajo 

Vuelta Abajo
Calle Mercaderes No. 202 esq. a Lamparilla., Old Havana
Tel: 537 862 9293 537 862 9294
Type: cuban
Open: noon-midnight daily
The name of an important tobacco zone, traditional Cuban food with an interesting twist: it's mainly based on fruit! One of the most popular dishes is the Pescado al Trapiche Colonial (Colonial Sugar Mill Fish), made with ginger and molasses. Also delicious is the Rollos de Cerdo en Salsa de Mango (Pork Roll with Mango Sauce), beautifully presented and so good you'll leave the plate spotless.


Calle 140, esquina 19, Cubanacán., Playa
Tel: 537 208 9346
Type: Middle-eastern
Open: noon-11pm
Opened in 2006 Yasmín generated a lot of enthusiasm as a new restaurant proving Middle Eastern cuisine. Unfortunately while the food, prepared from imported ingredients and prepared by a Syrian chef is excellent the place lacks a certain charm, especially for dinner, and is somewhat isolated with not much else close by.



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