Scuba Diving in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Bucanero Scuba Diving Center

Hotel Bucanero, carretera de Baconao km 4, Arroyo La Costa, Santiago de Cuba
Scuba Diving Center   Divers can enjoy hand-feeding giant black groupers, a species of fish that is very abundant in this area of the Caribbean.
They can also explore the wrecks Spanish Admiral Cervera’s fleet, which was sunken here by the U.S. navy in 1898.
Divers can enjoy a great variety of sponges and corals that live on the reefs and surround walls, tunnels, caves, channels and crags. This type of sea floor is ideal for cave diving.
Price Includes: Tanks, weight belts, dive boats and diving instruction.

Santiago de Cuba, on the southeast coast, is the second largest Cuban city. It is located in an area well-known for its rebellious historical tradition.
Santiago is considered the most Caribbean of Cuban cities with a distinctive history, culture, music, art, literature and cuisine. It is the burial site of Cuba’s National Hero, José Martí, who was killed in combat in 1895, shortly after having reinitiated Cuba’s war of independence from Spain.
Santiago was the capital of Cuba for decades in the 16th century, and was a major port for the slave trade and for the export of sugar. This city is known for its strong patriotic spirit and a colorful and animated summer carnival held at the end of the sugar cane harvest.
It has many interesting tourist attractions including Cuartel Moncada, the military garrison, now a museum, where Fidel Castro led an abortive rebellion that nevertheless incited Cuban opposition to the then-ruling military dictatorship. Santiago is surrounded by the Sierra Maestra mountain range which is crowned by Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest point-at nearly 2,000 meters (6,500 feet).
There are five diving centers in the Santiago area, three to the east in the Baconao Biosphere Reserve, and two to the west, all with the exuberant, verdant Sierra Maestra at the background, and the clear blue-green Caribbean in front. These sites stretch 72 miles (120 km) along the coast.
There are 23 buoyed sites which are close to the centers. The marine platform is narrow and runs parallel to the coast, diving depths ranging from 2 to 35 meters.

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