Scuba Diving in Cuba

Jardines del Rey

Jardines Del Rey International Scuba Diving Center

Cayo Guillermo, Morón, Ciego de Ávila
Scuba Diving Center   This center is located in a “special protected zone”, a paradise for diving lovers.
This diving destination, which runs parallel to Cuba’s north coast, has captivating barrier reefs, sand dunes of up to 15 meters, big rocky juts and coral walls.
Divers can swim along the routes that U.S. writer Ernest Hemingway followed when he swam in this area.
Price Includes: Daily daytime dives, tanks, weight belts, dive boats, and diving instruction (one instructor every 5-7 divers)

The Jardines del Rey Archepelago (Gardens of the King) have many kilometers of fine white sandy beaches, which are home to flocks of thousands of pink flamingos as well as a variety of migrating birds. The diving area runs parallel to the islands’ north coast and has more than 6 miles (10 km) and features 19 buoyed diving sites. At these sites the diver finds many varieties of corals and sponges, caves, crevices, walls and tunnels.
The major attraction in this diving area is the enormous variety and amount of fish as a result of its proximity to the Bahamas Trench.
Tarpons, snappers, groupers, jacks, pompanos, spadefish, tiny coral fish, and many others, make divers feel as if they were in an aquarium.
Excursions are available to nearby tourist attractions.
Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are neighboring, practically uninhabited islands of the Camagüey Archipelago

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