Scuba Diving in Cuba

Isla de la Juventud

El Colony Scuba Diving Center

Carretera Siguanea, km 42, Isla de la Juventud
Scuba Diving Center   This diving destination is considered by specialists one of the world’s best.
Tunnels, swim-through passages, caves, deep channels, and underwater valleys are just some of the items that compose the unsurpassed beauty of La Isla del Tesoro (Treasure Island).
This diving area is located at the Punta Francés Marine National Park, which covers almost 18,000 hectares of tranquil Caribbean waters with very high visibility.
Price Includes: Daily daytime dives, tanks, weight belts, dive boats, and diving instruction (one instructor every 5-7 divers)

This is Cuba’s best known traditional diving area, quite popular with European divers.
The Isle of Youth is about 30 miles (50 km) off the south coast of Cuba’s western Pinar del Rio province, and is the largest island of the Canarreos Archipelago which runs for 150 miles (250 km) along the southeast coast.
It is shaped somewhat like a ball with a peninsula jutting west at the bottom. Its diameter is no more than 30 miles (50 km). Having a population of approximately 90,000 inhabitants, has had many names over the years. It is famed for its grapefruit and for the hundreds of thousands of foreign students, mostly from Africa, who were educated here in rural boarding schools on Cuban scholarships for work-study programs.
The island has a long-standing folkloric tradition and is rich in tales of its having provided shelter for the ships of pirates and corsairs like Henry Morgan, Francis Drake and others, and of the treasures buried on its shores. In fact, this island was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson´s Treasure Island, which was the name the island was given in the 17th century.
At the southeastern tip of the island, at Punta del Este, there is an area of caves, designated a National Monument, with hundreds of pre-Columbian pictographs, considered the most important of the Antilles.
The area has been host to the International Subaquatic Photographic Competition.
There is a restaurant on pilings over the water at the diving area, where one can have lunch and rest before the afternoon dive.

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