Cycling in Cuba

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The best way to see one of the most interesting and beautiful places on Earth

  Taking a bike around Cuba is, perhaps, the best way to see one of the most interesting and beautiful places on Earth. Riding through Cuba affords an opportunity to see all the most important touristic sights on the island, as well as, the daily treasures that lie in between.
Cuba is an ideal setting for cycling. In a single day, you can ride through the mountains, the gentle hills of the countryside, and along the incomparable caribbean coastline.
Cuba's road system is extensive and the automobile traffic is minimal. Cuban drivers are very accustomed to accommodating cyclists on the road because many Cubans use bicycles as their daily mode of transport.
Cuba is a very safe place to cycle, not simply because of its uncrowded roads, but because Cuban people pride themselves on maintaining the country's security, both for themselves and for their visitors.
As you ride through towns or stop for a meal or drink, locals will invariably engage you in conversation. They are your greatest source of information about the history and workings of the area you are in. They are usually more than happy to share what they know, although they may tease you a bit choosing to cycle such distances when you don't have to.
Organize you own bike tour around Havana or do an independent bike trip in Cuba. We assist you with routes, best lodging options, reliable bikes and plenty of information about bicycling in Cuba.

Bike rental information
Hybrid, 27 gears bikes
Specialized Cirrus
They come with rear racks and water holders
You should bring your panniers, small tool kit (Allen wrenches), extra tubes and a small lock
Payment is in cash when collecting the bikes
There is a totally refundable deposit of 250 USD per bike that can be done by credit card
Bike rental price is in CUC

The bike rental price is:
From 3 to 5 days: 29 CUC per day per bike
From 6 to 9 days: 24 CUC
From 10 to 11 days: 22 CUC
From 12 to 13 days: 21 CUC
From 14 to 15 days: 20 CUC
16 or more days: 17 CUC

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