Ciego de Avila main atractions
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Sea beds
One of the main attractions for tourists at Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo is the extensive coral barrier in the clear blue-green waters of the Old Bahamas Strait. The depth of the water ranges from 5 to 40 meters and the sea beds of this region have been catalogued among the most spectacular due to the abundant fauna, fabulous marine structures and the light, which pierces the clear warm waters to unbelievable depths.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Prohibida beach
Playa Prohibida is a beautiful pristine beach where nature and the sea combine in perfect harmony. Ideal for lovers!
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Pilar Beach
Bordered by large sand dunes and cliffs, this beach of incredibly fine white sand is kissed by the warm blue-green waters of the sea. Cayo Media Luna is located off the beach and is a magnificent option for diving and snorkeling.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Morón City
Moron is highly recommended for those who wish to go on short excursions given its proximity to the keys. It is symbolized by a roster, a bird that represents according to local traditions, joy and hope. Moron is a site of important archaeological finds, which are currently displayed in its museum. Other distinctive points of the city are: the former Colonia Española and the railway station.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     La Redonda Lagoon
Located on the way to Cayo Coco, this extensive lake covers an area of 4.5 Km. The International Trout Center is located there, due to the fact that it is one of the largest reservoirs for this species in the country.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Flamenco Beach
Considered one of the best beaches in Cayo Coco because of its clear waters and fine white sand beach of approximately 3 Km and only 10 Km away from the accommodation facilities. Tourists can combine nautical sports with horseback riding.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Coral Reef
Located approximately one or two nautical miles off the coast, this extensive coral reef is considered the second in importance in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Ideal for underwater and nautical activities.
Atractions in Ciego de Avila     Ciego de Ávila City
Ciego de Avila city, the capital of the province is located 100 Km away from the Jardines del Rey archipelago. The life of the city revolves around important social-cultural facilities such as Theatre, the Cultural House, the José Martí Park and the San Eugenio de La Palma Church, named after the patron saint of the city. Ciego de Avila also exhibits the remains of one of the most important historical monuments of the country: La Trocha de Júcaro a Morón, a fortification area built to prevent the war of from extending to the west during the struggle for independence against Spain in the 19th century.

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