Guantanamo main atractions
Atraction in Guantanamo     Playa Maguana
About 20km / 12mi northwest of Baracoa is one of the areas best beaches, called Playa Maguana. There is an offshore reef just a short ways out that protects the beach but the water can still be rough at times. This white sand beach is picture perfect and makes for a great side trip from Baracoa. For the adventurous, it is also possible to rent a bicycle in Baracoa and peddle out to Playa Maguana. At the beach are some low scale facilities for visitors, including restaurant services and tourist villas that can be rented. Fortunately the buildings are mixed in among the greenery and do not detract from the natural beauty of Playa Maguana.
Atraction in Guantanamo     Museo Zoological de Piedra
The Museo Zoological de Piedra is located about 20km / 12mi to the east of the city of Guantanamo. This park is the creation of modern day sculptor, Angel Inigo. His stone carvings of various animals are on display at the Museo Zoological de Piedra, which is an open air setting on the side of a lush hill. The carvings were done on existing rocks and left in their natural setting. There is also a gift shop on site where visitors can purchase smaller carvings. The Museo Zoological de Piedra is an easy side trip from the city of Guantanamo.
Atraction in Guantanamo     El Yunque
Just outside of Baracoa is the flat top mountain of El Yunque. This landmark limestone mountain reaches 589m / 1,932ft at its highest point. The hillside has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is home to rare plants, including carnivorous varieties, as well as endangered bird species. Visitors can hike to the summit of El Yunque but must be done with a guide, or as part of a tour. This is easily done as a day trip from Baracoa. The hike is not particularly difficult but can be hot and is best done early in the day.
Atraction in Guantanamo     Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion
The Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion was founded in 1512 although throughout the centuries it has been rebuilt and restored. Although this is a rather small an unmemorable church, the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion contains the Cruz de la Parra. This wooden cross was originally thought to have been brought from Europe and erected by Christopher Columbus here, where Baracoa was founded. Recent carbon dating suggests that the cross is from the time of Columbus and but did not come from Europe. The Cruz de la Parra has lost much of its substance as worshippers have taken small piece of wood. The ends of the cross are now covered in metal to prevent further loss.
Atraction in Guantanamo     Baracoa
One of the main highlights in the province of Guantanamo, and eastern Cuba in general, is the city of Baracoa. Visitors to Baracoa will be treated to charming colonial architecture, as well as a beautiful natural surrounding. In addition to the excellent beaches in the area, there are also waterfalls, tropical forests, and some excellent hiking opportunities. For travelers coming to eastern Cuba, Baracoa should definitely be on the itinerary and is worth at least a couple of days. Cut off from much of the outside world up until the 1960s when the La Farola highway was built, the city still has a rather remote feel. Until that time the only access to Baracoa was by sea. Baracoa is the oldest city in Cuba, with construction on the first church beginning in 1511.
Atraction in Guantanamo     Fuerte Matachin
Housed in the Fuerte Matachin military fortress, is the Museo Municipal. The fort was originally built in Baracoa to guard against pirate attacks in the 19th Century. The Museo Municipal provides a look at the history of Baracoa and the surrounding region. On display are archeological artifacts, a section on the natural history of the area, documents, maps, artwork, and armaments. There are also cultural displays, and the town's coat of arms, given to Baracoa by the Queen of Spain. The Fuerte Matachin structure itself is quite interesting and also allows for great views out over the Bay.

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