Las Tunas main atractions
Atraction in Las Tunas     Punta Cobarrubias
The main destination outside of the city of Victoria de Las Tunas is the area of Punta Covarrubias. Located along the coast Punta Covarrubias seems like it is a long way from anywhere, particularly after the journey to get here, which is via a rough road and on the way nowhere. Visitors who make the effort will be treated to a sandy beach with beautiful clear waters and few tourists. There is a resort here and there are also scuba diving sites in the area.
Atraction in Las Tunas     Las tunas City
In 1975 the small market town of Las Tunas, also called Victoria de las Tunas, became the capital of the newly formed Las Tunas province. Since that time the town has grown and reshaped itself, becoming more of an artistic center. Nonetheless, this is still a little visited town and province. Las Tunas was originally founded in the mid 18th Century but fires nearly destroyed the town during the second war of independence in the late 1800s. The town has some colonial architecture but nothing especially interesting. Victoria de Las Tunas may be a good stop over point for visitors looking to visit some of the provinces remote beaches. Although they are not the easiest places to get to, the beaches and towns along the north coast are very scenic and make for a pleasant stop. Punta Covarrubias is the main resort in the area. To the east of here are the beaches of Playas La Herradura, La Llanita, and Las Bocas. Accommodation is available although these areas see few tourists.

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