Matanzas main atractions
Atraction in Matanzas     Guamá Crocodile Breeding Farm
Approximately 10 000 specimens of the 16 species of crocodiles are raised at the Crocodile Breeding Farm in Guamá, Zapata peninsula, approximately 100 km from Varadero. Visitors may view the Cuban and American species as they sleep in the mud or taste its meat at the neighboring restaurant that specializes in exotic dishes.
Atraction in Matanzas     Josone Park
This peaceful resort is located in the center of the Hicacos peninsula and covers more than 9 hectares of area that many consider the green lungs of the Varadero beach resort. It houses 4 restaurants and a typical grinding machine for preparing refreshing sugarcane juice.
Atraction in Matanzas     Sauto Theater - Matanzas province.
Founded on April 6, 1863, it is one of the most renowned cultural institutions of Latin America. This magnificent neoclassical building has excellent acoustics and was declared a National Monument.
Atraction in Matanzas     Varadero Golf Club
The Varadero Golf Club is the first professional 18-hole par 72 Golf Course built in Cuba (6.850 yards or 6.269 m), designed in the form of an island with smaller internal islets. It is considered one of the best-conceived golf courses in the Caribbean circuit.
Atraction in Matanzas     Yumurí Valley
Located in the outskirts of the city of Matanzas, The Yumurí valley offers one of the most spellbinding views in Cuba. There are many lookout points in the mountains (150 m) that surround the valley, interrupted only towards the west. However, the best perspective of the Valley can be seen from the viewpoint at the Bacunayagua Bridge (the highest in the country and considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban engineering) from where the splendor of the valley can bee fully appreciated. There are ecotourism trails in the valley that lead to an old native settlement, a flower farm and to a cove on the mouth of the Bacunayagua River, where tourists can enjoy a refreshing swim.

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