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Pinar del Rio
Almost perfect landscape that has deserved the nickname of Garden of Cuba for it excellent nature. Also known by the fact of being harvested in lands of Vueltabajo the best tobacco in the world, this province of the west of the country that embraces 10 931,5 Km2, was baptized later in 1774, as New Filipina and four years later it became Pinar del Rio.
The Sierra del Rosario -Reservation of the Biosphere - and the Sierra de los Organos are part of the extensive Cordillera de Guaniguanico that concentrates the most remarkable landscapist and biological wealth of the region, and she has in the Pan de Guajaibón (699 meters on the level of the sea) the sheerest mountain in the whole Cuban occident.
Occupying an area of 132 km2 in the Sierra de los Organos, the National Park Viñales Valley highlights for the existence of impressive mountains of vertical hillsides and rounded summits covered by abundant vegetation known as hillocks. Particularly interesting are, also, the great quantity of existent caves in their environment that award him a great attractiveness from the point of view of the study of the land origin.
Pinar del Rio City
Pinar del Rio City
The Indian Cave, crossed by the San Juan river (navigable), and that of Juan Miguel, both in the vicinities, and the Santo Tomás Cavern System, with more than 45 kilometers of galleries buried in the near Sierra de Quemados, they constitute places of unquestionable value in a conceived natural space, apparently, for the realization of walks for ecotourism paths.
One of the green routes that awakes bigger interest among the visitors, is that of the Aquatic ones that drives from the Sierra del Infierno (where inhabits a rural community that surrenders cult to the water, attributing him healing properties) until the Dos Hermanas Valley, where it is enjoyed an enormous painting carried out on the wall of a hillock and baptized as the Prehistorical Age Mural.

Viñales valley
The natural charms of Pinar del Rio are particularly remarkable also in the Reservation of the Biosphere Sierra del Rosario, where it have its seat the Orchids Bed of Soroa, the most complete in the country with 750 varieties, and the Tourist Complex The Terraces, of a high landscapist value and that it constitutes the first experience of sustainable tourism in rural areas developed in the country. In the western end of the province is the Reservation of the Biosphere Peninsula of Guanahacabibes, incipiently exploded with tourist purposes, in whose limits two natural reservations exist: El Veral and Corrientes Cape, and María la Gorda an International Center of Diving, , with almost 40 immersion points and an abundant colony of black coral in their funds
Las Terrazas
Las Terrazas Community
Viñales Valley
Those who like of this activity have in Levisa Key, and in particular in an identified place as The Crown of San Carlos, another place with all the conditions for their practice. The lighthouse of Roncalli in San Antonio's End, virtually to the doors of the Peninsula de Yucatan; spaces for the hunt and the fishing; and a grateful medicinal- mining spa in San Diego de los Baños, they represent other enjoyment possibilities in Pinar del Rio, province where all visitor is forced to know the extensive plantations of the best tobacco in the world, and taste a unique liquor that takes place there in a handmade way: the Guayabita del Pinar.
Tobaco plantation at Viñales

Hotel Los Jazmines   Hotel Los Jazmines, 3 stars
- Trips available to the area's caves
- Offers spectacular views of the Viñales valley
- Accommodation in cabins or comfortable, double rooms
Starting price: $ 35.00

Rancho San Vicente   Rancho San Vicente, 3 stars
- You can go for trips along attractive ecotourist tracks and on horseback
- Hypothermal waterfalls that have medicinal properties
- Medicinal mud baths and massages are available
Starting price: $ 30.00

Hotel  La Ermita   Hotel La Ermita, 3 stars
- Located in the Viñales valley, well know n for its "mogotes" (haystack mountains) and impressive steep-sided mountains
- Only 175 kilómetros from Havana
- Ideal for those seeking a relaxing holiday or an immersion in nature
Starting price: $ 35.00

Villa Maria la Gorda   Villa Maria la Gorda, 2 stars
- On a beach in a coconut forest
- Buffet restaurant, bar, cafeteria and medical services
- ash only
Starting price: $ 35.00

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