The most beautiful land according to The Great Admiral Christopher Columbus, who baptized her in October, 27, 1492, when stepping Cuban floor for the first time in a lost point of the oriental coast, registered at the present time inside the territorial limits of Holguín.
With more than 9 300 surface km2, 25% of which is covered with forests, this province is located in the northeastern portion of the Island and, although with a quick development of its tourist infrastructures, has in the sugar agro-industry, and the exploitation of its gigantic nickel locations and cobalt two of its main economic supports. Holguín is known as the city of the parks, for the profusion of these open spaces that adorn it, and distinguish it, and it is identified by the Loma de la Cruz, an elevation that marks the geographical north and whose summit is crowned by a gigantic wooden cross.
Cienfuegos City
Guardalavaca Beach
In fact to the foot of this mountain that is an excellent natural observatory, the people from Holguin celebrate every year the Romerias de Mayo, traditional popular festivity that next to the Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana, in October, constitute two of the most important moments in the diverse cultural chore of the city.
Two religious enclosures, the San Isidoro and San José churches, are admirable for their architecture inside this city that counts, also, with one of the most complete museums of natural history in the country and a center of attention to drug addicts, The Quinqué, only of their gender in the Island.
Palacio del Valle
Earth of discoveries, also offers its visitors the possibility to enjoy memorable days in the most varied natural scenarios. Guardalavaca, Emerald Beach and Pesquero, they are all beaches of limpid, warm and transparent waters; of fine sand white, abundant coastal vegetation, and surrounded by a singular wavy topography. There are excellent conditions there for the practice of the diving in a garden of corals that has grown amid an irregular and complex marine relief.
Holguin´s Church
The proximity of other points of interest reinforces the value of the town spas considerably. In the vicinity of Emerald Beach it is located the Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park and very near Guardalavaca, an archaeological place of first magnitude, and only museum of her gender in the Antilles, Chorro de Maíta; the Aldea Taína that recreates the way of life of the ceramist aruacas Indians, and the city of Banes, grateful as the archaeological capital of Cuba.
The intact beauty of Blanca Beach and two elevations that got the own Christopher Columbus attention: La Silla de Gibara, called this way for its similarity with a seat of mounting a horse, and the Mesquite, that was baptized in that way for its likeness with the Peña de los Enamorados from Andalusia, are attractive and they reinforce the potentiality of Bariay like place of tourist and historical-cultural interest for the visitors
Holguin´s Park
A little more toward the occident, the Villa Blanca de Gibara is also a worthy place of knowing, because it conserves the most important urban architectural group in the province and ruins of great value like those of the Big Headquarter and the Canon Battery of Fernando VII.
Fair to the entrance of the Nipe Bay, the bigger of the Island and one of 22 located in the geography from Holguin, it can be discovered a fascinating place: Saetía Key, authentic natural park of 42 km2 surface (65% of this covered with forests) where it can be carried out: seafaris in jeep, horse-riding, or to take sea baths in small and intimate virgin beaches.

Those who like of the nature tourism and adventures, find in Holguín two privileged spaces for their practice: the La Mensura and Alejandro de Humboldt National Parks, dwellings of about 300 endemic species of the Cuban flora, In La Mensura (995 meters on the level of the sea) it exists a tourist complex, Pinares de Mayarí, and numerous enjoyment possibilities, among these that of the Gran Salto del Guayabo, one of the most impressive of the country.

Two small centers of visitors, five camps and areas for camping, and a dozen of places of interest in exploitation, form part of the facilities with which the visitors count in the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, to which can be consented from the people from Holguin municipality of Moa whose Great Cavern classifies like one of the five natural National Monuments of the archipelago.

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